Turns your existing regional databases into globally distributed ones.

Hyperdrive accelerates the queries you make to databases you already have, making it faster to access your data from across the planet, no matter where your users are.

Hyperdrive supports any Postgres database, including those hosted on AWS, Google Cloud and Neon, as well as Postgres-compatible databases like CockroachDB and Timescale. The best part? You can bring your favorite Postgres drivers and ORM libraries without any changes: Hyperdrive gives you a connection string that looks just like any other. No need to write new code or replace your favorite tools: Hyperdrive works with the ones you already use.

By maintaining a connection pool to your database within Cloudflare's network, Hyperdrive cuts out what is typically seven round-trips to your database before you can even send a query: the TCP handshake (1x), TLS negotiation (3x) and database authentication (3x). On top of that, Hyperdrive understands the difference between read and write queries to your database, and can intelligently cache the most common read queries made: improving both query performance and reducing load on your origin database.

Want to get started? Visit our docs.

The benchmarks on this page compare a default Hyperdrive configuration against a direct connection to the same Neon PostgreSQL database. To show how Hyperdrive makes querying regional databases perform like they're global, a Hyperdrive and direct database pair is selected from a neighboring continent: a user in Europe will connect to the US, and user in Africa to Europe (and so on). The raw results are returned from each run: there are no averages or carefully selected results, nor do we prune or remove any results we don't like.